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„Mauro Hertig is striving for a radical structulism (…) he is constructor, craftsman, architect, in short: a compositor of tones. He creates structures and fills them with sounds“

– SKUG Musikmagazin, 26 Apr 2018


„Musical accompaniment such as by experimental guitarist Mauro Hertig further opens up the concept of the traditional reading. It becomes obvious that borders are meant to be crossed here“

– Die Tageszeitung taz (Germany) on „Stück für Solo Westerngitarre“ 12 Jan 2013


„a concert for two felt pens by Mauro Hertig (…) a wonderfully surprising, funny and highly musical ado; never before has felt pen been music to my ears just like here. (…) that relations of power, the free space between default and interpretation are being fathomed, that this concert makes the passing of time physically tangible (…) are many small encores in this truly transdisciplinary happening“

– Ruth Schweikert about Stift und Papier III, 25 May 2013 in ObservatioX publication


„The ears open up. The noises grow bigger. At some point, everyone stops talking. (…) Silence, eavesdropping. One hears the steps on the moist ground and the trousers as they swish while walking. One never hears this during daytime. Far away, a chirr starts and soon covers the whole clearing which now opens up in front of us. Something rings from behind at the edge of the forrest, it crosses the meadow like a ghost light. Right until somebody passes us with a headlamp and hand bell. Sometimes it is so simple what appeared so mysterious in the dark“

– Südkurier (Germany) 23 Aug 2016, on Pawlow at the Festival für Neue Musik Rümlingen


„(…) To listen to music in words, with the eyes, is what Mauro Hertig wrote in his performance on 72 sheets of paper“

– Schwäbische Zeitung (Germany) 3 Aug 2014, about Stift und Papier II


„(…) the 25-years old Zurich composer Mauro Hertig had the opportunity to premiere his duo for drum setups. At the core of the interplay between the two percussionists on several membrane instruments and three car brake drums there lies a clearly perceptible pulse, which is constantly being put into question“

– Neue Zürcher Zeitung NZZ (Switzerland) 18 Jun 2014, about percussion duo Tempong with Collegium Novum Zürich