The site-specific piece Pawlow for 6 performers has been performed at the Festival für Neue Musik Rümlingen 2016. It is a piece for real and for “fake” bells.

The fake bells are little speakers hidden underneath the clothes of the performers, imitating a bell sound. At the same time, a real bell is played, but it is fully muted. This way, the combination of the hidden speaker and the real, but muted bell creates a distorted representation of the instrument.

Performers: Noëmi Schwank, Antonio Jiménez-Marín, Stav Szirani, Linus Neulinger, Camille Henrot, Mauro Hertig

An excerpt from Südkurier about the performance:

„The ears open up. The noises grow bigger. At some point, everyone stops talking. (…) Silence, eavesdropping. One hears the steps on the moist ground and the trousers as they swish while walking. One never hears this during daytime. Far away, a chirr starts and soon covers the whole clearing which now opens up in front of us. Something rings from behind at the edge of the forrest, it crosses the meadow like a ghost light. Right until somebody passes us with a headlamp and hand bell. Sometimes it is so simple what appeared so mysterious in the dark“


Schallfeld Ensemble have premiered my quartet “Vektoren” in Minoritensaal in Graz. The piece had been comissioned by as part of their “Text im Klang” concert format series.

It is written for bass-flute, clarinette, cello und double-bass and has been played by: Elisa Azzará (Fl), Szilárd Benes (Cl), Myriam García Fidalgo (Vc), Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka (B), Leonhard Garms (cond)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-03 um 18.23.51

As its founder I am very proud that the interactive music blog/forum “Forum of Applied Abstraction” (FAA) is now officially up. It is a website establishing new forms of listening analysis. The idea of using audio examples to explain music instead of scores is at the core of the idea for the FAA. On it, new tools of perception and analysis are put to practice and being tested. It has been a desire of mine for a long time to create a platform where it is possible to talk and write about music with direct access to the audio excerpts in question.

Articles which are hopefully fun to read and informative will follow one after the other. Some friends of mine, among them amazing Johan Svensson, have helped for the forum to gain its current shape and they will be contributing articles through the upcoming months and, hopefully, years to come.

I invite everyone who is interested to go and have a look around on the forum!